Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am very excited to share the training agenda for the upcoming Regional Training Conference in Las Vegas on March 24/25

SUNDAY 3/23/14

1900-2200  No host meet and greet at TGIFridays at the Gold Coast Hotel.  Come meet and socialize  with other conference delegates and members of the IAWP Board of Directors.  Happy hour prices will be in effect! Open to all conference delegates and their guests.


MONDAY  3/24/14


0600-0700  Optional  Yoga for Police

0800 – 0830 Welcome/Intro to IAWP by Jane Townsley     

0830- 1230     Human Trafficking segment   Speakers and class description pending


1230-1330    Lunch


1330-1350  Guest Speaker

Description:  This speaker is a police officer in Afghanistan and a prior IAWP International Scholarship winner. She was one of the first women to graduate from the Afghan National Police Academy in 2002. She will speak briefly about the challenges of policing in Afghanistan, especially as a woman, where a female police officer can be targeted not only by criminals but by colleagues and family as well.



1350-1445      Class Title:  Leadership Strategies; The Power of Choice and Positioning
                                         Yourself for Success

                     Instructor; Lt Col (retired) Cindy Shain

 Description; Cindy Shain retired as the Deputy Chief of the Louisville Police Department after 24 years in law enforcement. She currently serves as the Associate Director of the Southern Police Institute where she oversees professional development programs. The purpose of this interactive workshop is to provoke thought and provide strategies for people in law enforcement to insure success by assessing and setting professional goals and objectives; surveying personal strengths and weaknesses; developing and implementing a professional development plan and improving their “marketability” for careers after retirement.


1445-1500    Break

1500-1600    Class Title: Gang Rape and Human Trafficking Law Enforcement Response

                       Instructor: Brenda Trobaugh


Description: Commander Trobaugh has worked in Law Enforcement for 22 years. She currently serves with the Cal Poly Police Department and is in charge of all police operations. This training segment will explore the topics of gang rape, human trafficking, how they are tied together and how the legal community has, and should respond    


1600-1700       Class Title: Good Cop; Bad Daughter

                        Instructor  Karen Lynch 


Description: Karen Lynch worked for the San Francisco Police Department from 1981 until 2010, retiring with the rank of Homicide Inspector after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  This hour-long class will explore aspects of career survival that were never taught in law enforcement academies. Participants will learn skills for improved communication with colleagues, as well as how to identify and enroll co-workers as mentors. We will discuss the reality of intuition, and the danger of dismissing our sixth sense. And finally, we will use some tools of improvisational acting to practice deflecting anger and the negative emotions of those we encounter, policing with compassion, while keeping ourselves healthy. Participants will leave with viable tools for enhancing their career satisfaction





Tuesday  3/25/14


0600 – 0700 Optional yoga session


0800 – 0830   Class Title: Yoga for Police Officers

Instructor: Staff Sergeant Kyla Hunter

Description: Staff Sgt Hunter works for the Peel Regional Police in Ontario, Canada. She is also a certified Yoga instructor.  For this training conference Staff Sgt Hunter will conduct two optional yoga sessions prior to the scheduled training regimen. These sessions are specifically geared towards police officers and the physical challenges they face due to the work environment and uniform requirements. She will also be doing a short presentation to explain the benefits of yoga and the importance of physical fitness.


 0830-1000      Class Title:  Surviving a Critical Incident

           Instructor: Sgt Lisa Mandziak and Constable Belinda Duncan 

Description: Sgt Mandziak and Constable Duncan are both members of the Winnipeg Police Service in Manitoba Canada.  Early in Constable Duncan’s career, she and Sgt Mandziak responded and overcame an armed assailant. This training segment will cover the importance of officer safety training and the physical skills and mindset one needs to survive a critical incident, not only at the time but also the aftermath. 


1000 – 1050    Class Title: IGO Leadership; The fundamentals of influencing Individuals,

Groups and Organizations

                         Instructor: Donna Cayson

Description: Donna Cayson began her law enforcement career in 1997 at the age of 44 after a twenty plus year career as an entrepreneur and private business owner. Donna worked for both the Pasadena and Sierra Madre Police Departments, retiring in 2010.  This training is a fast paced, interactive, knowledge packed education experience designed as a jumpstart for anyone who desires to develop and/or improve their leadership potential regardless of their current position in their organization. Participants will explore several behavioral science theories that help us to better understand and explore our own leadership potential.

1050-1100  Break

1100-1230      Class Title:  Intuition Unleashed

Instructor:  Ally Jacobs
Description:  Ally Jacobs was a police officer for the University of California-Berkeley for 13 years before retiring in 2013. She spent most of those 13 years working in patrol and undercover narcotics investigations. In August of 2009, Ally Jacobs and another UC Berkeley employee, Lisa Campbell, were instrumental in instigating the investigation that led to the location and freeing of Jaycee Dugard, who had been kidnapped and held captive for 18 years. This training segment will outline that case, offer and offender profile of convicted kidnapper and rapist Phillip Garrido, and acknowledge the strong role that intuition had and continues to have in effective law enforcement.

1230-1330    Lunch


1330-1520           Class Title: Workplace Violence/Conflict Resolution

                         Instructor: Sherry Benson-Podolchuk

Description:  Sherry Benson-Podolchuk served for 20 years as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and has authored a book, Women Not Wanted, based on her experience with a hostile work environment and gender targeted workplace harassment/bullying.  This training segment will focus on recognizing, overcoming and moving forward from the issues she discusses in her book.  The goal of this training is to be able to create and foster a positive work environment for all employees. By using real life experiences and sharing her own survival techniques, Sherry hopes to leave her audience with awareness of what harassment looks like and the impact on the victim; ideas on how to change attitudes and learn the value of our own voices and to have the courage to take action. 



1530-1645 Class Title: The Ways of the Warrior Woman

                  Instructor: Staff Sergeant Cori Slaughter 

Description: Staff Sgt. Slaughter has over thirty years of combined experience in law enforcement, the Canadian military and fitness instruction. She has been with the Ottawa Police Service for twenty-three years and is currently serving as the Crime Prevention Staff Sergeant. This workshop delivers a dynamic blend of powerful stories and provocative wit to demystify the art of self protection for both officers and civilians.  Delivered in a train-the-trainer format, this course challenges myths and misconceptions about victim selection, sexual assault, date rape drugs and personal safety.  Armed with a name that belies her trademark approach, S/Sgt Slaughter creates a toolbox of anti-violence strategies for any environment, from de-escalation techniques to employing weapons of opportunity.  In an entertaining and energetic style, participants are provided material on workplace violence and ways to assist women in the community in transforming fear of the criminal realm to a domain where tactical options and savvy wisdom prevail.



1645-1700  Wrap up/ Official Training agenda concludes.


1700-??? Optional extended hands on workshop with Cori Slaughter

Greetings one and all! I wanted to let you know about an exciting training conference that will be coming to Las Vegas, Nevada on March 24-25, 2014 that will be hosted by the International Association of Women Police (IAWP). All law enforcement officers, both men and women, are invited to attend. The theme of the conference is "Surviving and Thriving in Law Enforcement" and will include classes on human trafficking, crime scene investigation, career advancement, leadership, and officer safety/survival,

The conference will be held at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino at 4000 West Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, 1-888-402-6278. Room rates for Sunday, March 23rd through Tuesday, March 25th are just $28.00 for a deluxe room, or $36.00 for a premium room. For those who decide to come to Vegas for the weekend prior to the start of the conference, room rates for Friday, March 21st and Saturday, March 22nd, are $63.00 for a deluxe room, or $78.00 for a premium room. Make sure that you use the conference code of AIAWP14 to ensure that you receive the discounted room rates!

Registration fees for the conference are just $125.00 for IAWP members, and $225.00 for non-members if you register prior to February 19th; after February 19th, the rates will increase to $175.00 for IAWP members, and $275.00 for non-members. (HINT: To save $100.00 on your registration fees, consider joining the IAWP for just $40.00 a year prior to registering! Go to the IAWP website at www.iawp.org for more information about the organization and how to join).
To register for the conference, and to make your hotel reservations online, if you'd rather not phone the hotel directly, please go to http://www.iawp.org/training/march2014. Any questions or special needs can be directed to either Janet Wilson, IAWP Region 9 Coordinator, or Fabian Brown, IAWP Region 10 Coordinator, at iawpvegas2014@yahoo.com.

This conference will be a wonderful opportunity for you to obtain some outstanding training, and to give you the ability to network with women in law enforcement from across the country and around the world. Make your reservations today to guarantee your spot in this first ever regional training conference hosted by the IAWP! You'll also be getting a tax write-off, to boot!

Thank you, and I hope to see you there! Feel free to forward the flyer on this conference to your colleagues and friends in law enforcement, so they, too, will be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Monday, April 8, 2013

St Johns Conference

Trying to catch up after a long hiatus!  Here are the Region 9 attendees at the St. Johns IAWP Conference in September 2012.  Watch for more updates as I remember how to do this!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Street Survival and Medal of Valor Presentation

Region 9 recently served as a host for the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar. We had a great turnout of over 120 attendees. Thanks again to Deb, Brenda, Mary Pat, Cynthia and Kim for volunteering!
During the seminar, we were able to take some time and present Seattle PD Officer Britt Sweeney with the 2010 IAWP Medal of Valor. The actual presentation had been at the conference in Minneapolis but Britt was unable to attend due to prior commitments. We were also able to recognize Ben Kelly for his heroic actions when confronted by Maurice Clemmons, the killer of the 4 Lakewood Officers.

Britt composed a great acceptance letter that was read at the award ceremony, she graciously provided me with a copy so you can read it here....

To the Members of the IAWP:
First, I must apologize for my inability to be present to receive this award in person today. It came as a great disappointment to me when I realized I would not be available to attend the IAWP conference.

When I received the email from Ms. Masson notifying me I was being awarded the Medal of Valor I was beyond humbled and honored. We all have opted to partake in law enforcement for different reasons; to help the community, to give back, because we have family members in LE... but none of us do it to receive awards, or be patted on the back. As flattered as I am to be the recipient of this award, it's difficult to swallow all of this attention. None of us see ourselves as heroes... we are merely people who wear a uniform with a shiny badge and get to do a really freakin' cool job.

It has been an emotionally trying year for me. While a mere 30 days into FTO I was involved in an ambush where my FTO was killed. Initially I questioned whether I had made the right decision by becoming a cop. I knew that it was a dangerous job, but I had never expected something so unfathomable, so soon into my career. As days went by and I began to get hugs from colleagues (most who I didn't even know) and receive phone calls, emails and cards from fellow officers around the country it became very clear that joining the Seattle Police Dept was the best choice I had ever made. The love and support that the law enforcement community boasts is no lie; I can certainly attest to that. I feel confident that I can conquer the world because of all the support I have, and continue to receive from all of you. As humbling as it is to receive an award like this, it is also what keeps me going... remembering that I am not forgotten, that Tim (Brenton) is not forgotten and that should I ever have a weak moment, someone will be there to help me through. The words "Thank You" really are not near enough to convey what is in my heart, but all that I can find at this time.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank my department for being amazing. The Seattle Police Dept and Chief Diaz have shown me an immense amount of support and were very instrumental for me being able to get back on the horse. I am proud to be a part of SPD. So, thank you Chief Diaz and the men and women of the Seattle PD.

To all of you, I ask you to please stay safe out there and continue to be the woman warriors that you are... and truly, from the deepest crevices of my heart... thank you.


Britt Sweeney

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interesting Article

If anyone is interested, the Seattle Times is doing a series of articles about Maurice Clemmons, the murderer of the 4 Lakewood Officers. I can't get a link to work but if you go to the Times website and search for Maurice Clemmons, the articles will come up.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Region 9 first blog entry

Greetings Region 9 Members and Guests! I am trying to meet my goal of having this blog up and running within two weeks of getting home from Minnesota so here goes.....

Had a great time at the 2010 Conference, kudos to the committee and volunteers for a well run training curriculum and very fun....networking opportunities. I will get some photos posted soon.

Getting ready for the Street Survival Seminar in Seattle. Region 9 is serving as the host agency.

So, this blog will depend on updates from all IAWP Region 9 Members about things going on in your area and lives.....keep me posted!